Mavilan Regulations

Dear Guests, We would like to inform you of the rules to be observed within our facility in order for you to enjoy and, have a happy stay. We ask you to have respectful behavior, not only of the rules of law, but especially those dictated by common sense and mutual respect. Deciding to stay with us means accepting these regulations in their entirety, a copy of which is available on our website, as well as in the facility. Our facility consists of 4 LEVELS, the fourth level is the solarium and the floors below represent the other levels.


Mavilan is a facility in which bedrooms with kitchenettes, mobiles, and the use of some common areas are made available to guests, while other areas are for the exclusive use of the owners or only for some guests. This service does not include breakfast, while use of the elevator is provided.


In case of availability, a deposit will be required at the time of room reservation to access preferential rates that affect the total cost of your stay, with the balance to be paid before accessing your room. In case of failure to fully credit the price, the guest will not be allowed to enter the room under any circumstances. In case the reservation is made by credit card, the guest who has used the vacation at the facility will not be able to ask for a refund under any circumstances. Booking arrangements can be made at or through other authorized partners (e.g., Booking, Airb&b), subject to confirmation of availability. In the case of reservations through agencies or third parties, guests will not be granted access in the event of non-payment prior to arrival, and any critical issues between them and third parties will not be enforceable against the Facility.


Being a small accommodation facility, there is no guaranteed reception service or, where it is available it will not be for all hours of the day, but only for those hours indicated at the front desk, so please notify us by phone or email of your expected time of arrival at least 24 hours before arrival itself, or at least 48 hours in advance in case of arrival on holidays. Going to the facility without having notified about the arrival time may cause waiting, and such a mishap cannot be grounds for complaints or claims for reimbursement. It is compulsory to forward the photo of the guests’ valid documents at least 24 hours prior to arrival, in order to perform online Check-in, being that this mode will facilitate the legal procedures. In the absence of online check-in, access to the room may be delayed for reasons beyond Management’s control and, additional charges may be incurred for access to the facility outside the permitted hours. On-line check-in is recommended, however upon arrival it is necessary to hand over valid identification documents (Passport, ID Card), which are necessary for registrations required by current regulations. Our guests’ data are processed in accordance with current privacy regulations. Once the balance of your stay, including tax, is paid, registration will follow and you will be asked for ID and security deposit for keys and access cards. The fee paid is not refunded in case of early departure. MAVILAN RULES You can access the facility, directly with online check-in, following prior payment, an access code may be communicated to the guest that will allow direct access, which cannot be given or communicated to third parties as it is reserved for the guest. Violation and unlawful transfer of the access code to a third party will result in the loss of the right to access the facility and no refund will be due. Following check-in, room access codes will be given to the guest, while keys or cards for room access will be optional and subject to a €15 security deposit at the front desk or electronic payment. In case of failure to return the key or card, the guest will automatically and without any notice lose the security deposit. Inside our facility, for reasons of Public Safety, it is forbidden for any person other than registered guests to enter at any time.


Cancellation: in case of cancellation 15 days before the stay, the amount paid will be refunded. In case of cancellation less than 15 days before the stay, the deposit paid will be retained. In case of cancellation or change in the 5 days before arrival the full amount of the stay will be retained. In case of cancellation during the stay by the guest, the full amount will be withheld.

Early departures: early departures are a detriment because they do not allow us enough time to be contacted and thus have new guests for the room that becomes free, so there will be no refund of the amount paid for the entire stay booked.

No show: In case of no show, you will be charged the full amount of the booked stay. Sojourn tax, will be paid at the time of reservation or arrival and can under no circumstances be returned to the guest.


Check in: from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm, earlier or later times should be arranged at the time of booking, as if there is a change of guests it is necessary to be able to give time to rearrange the room. Check out: strictly by 10 a.m. Different times must necessarily be agreed upon and authorized in writing, including by e-mail. Violation of the Check out time, will result in a charge equal to the price of one day’s stay and, in case of unavailability of the room the guest will still be required to vacate the room no later than 12 noon. Failure to do so will result in Management disconnecting all utilities, water, electricity, and charging any additional related charges.


Breakfast is not provided and may not be consumed in the common areas for all guests, unless expressly authorized in writing by Management.


Access to level 4 where Solarium and whirlpool is located is prohibited, except with the express written permission of the Management. Access to the solarium and whirlpool, are not included in the room rate and there is an additional charge for access to said exclusive area. The time of use of Level 4 will be displayed at the entrance of the level, it is forbidden to stay beyond the allowed time. Use of the whirlpool is allowed for the duration of 10 minutes per guest, for a maximum of 5 users together, so as to ensure mutual relaxation and enjoyment by all authorized guests. Access to the mini-hydromassage pool is subject to prior compliance with hygiene and behavioral rules that help ensure and maintain suitable conditions of the pool facility and compliance with the following minimum elements: – it is recommended not to bathe less than three hours after eating a meal; – obligation to shower and footbath before bathing; – times of access to the pool; – prohibition of minors unless accompanied by an adult. – Ban on meals. – prohibition of disturbing and/or shouting, or engaging in conduct that causes disturbance to other guests; – prohibition of talking on cell phones; – prohibition of listening to music, unless using headphones or suitable modalities not to cause disturbance; – prohibition of wetting the solarium or splashing water, diving, or engaging in inappropriate behavior. – No bathing without a cap.


Management accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of items of your property left in the rooms. No custodial service is provided. Leaving personal items in common areas is not allowed. Otherwise, we disclaim any responsibility.


Cleaning service is not provided, in any case it is subject to the Management faculty, which may arrange for daily or weekly cleaning or to be performed at the end of the stay. There is no change of linen, Management will have the right to arrange for linen to be changed once a week for bed and every 3 days for bath linen and at each guest change. Linen may be changed daily if requested, subject to payment of the fee due. Rooms and bathrooms are normally cleaned between 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., unless otherwise directed by housekeepers or Management. Please arrange your personal belongings in such a way as to allow for such cleanings and place money or valuables in the safe deposit box provided.


Proper and rational use of water is recommended in order to avoid any unnecessary waste. Hot water is powered by solar panels, and its thrifty use will be appreciated, out of respect for nature. Avoid throwing anything into the W.C. (please use the trash cans provided).


It is recommended that lights and air conditioners be turned off whenever you leave the room and that doors and windows be closed. Since the facility is domotically controlled, if the guest leaves doors or windows open the air conditioning will not be usable, so it will be the guest’s responsibility to check that doors and windows are closed properly to use the air conditioning.


If the guest causes damage to the facility, to the accessories belonging to the premises assigned to him or her or of any other kind, he or she is obliged to notify the Management immediately and after the necessary verifications to the charge of the relevant expenses. In the event of damage, without prior notice, Management may charge paper for replacement, labor charges and any costs associated with the damage.


Smoking is prohibited inside our facility. Observance of this simple rule stems from the need to protect those who do not smoke or those who will come after you, as well as a rule for fire prevention. Smoking is allowed in the designated areas by strictly using ashtrays. Violators will be fined according to the law, in addition to damages for smoke-free treatment and washing of the tent room, etc.


Animals are not allowed inside our facility, except with the written consent of the management, and in that case they may never be left alone in the room or cause damage to the valuable furniture in the rooms.


Please do not prepare or eat meals on the solarium; Please refrain from doing any act that may cause a fire such as using all heat-generating devices, such as a heating appliance, cooking appliances or irons in guest rooms; Please do not use your room for purposes other than lodging; Gambling or other acts that are contrary to good family values or cause a nuisance to others are strictly prohibited; Listening to TV, loud music. Please do not remove, move equipment or furniture either from the rooms or outside of them; Running, yelling, joking, and shouting are not acceptable behaviors throughout the facility and in the immediate vicinity. Please do not disturb the neighbors and, keep a behavior befitting a luxury facility. The use of “heelies” (roller skate sneakers), skate boards, roller skates, scooters, tricycles, and bicycles are prohibited anywhere in the Residence for the safety of all our guests. Should you fail to comply with these regulations in their entirety, we reserve the right to terminate, according to applicable contractual regulations, your stay in our Residence. Looking forward to your cooperation, we thank you for choosing our facility and wish you a peaceful and happy stay at Mavilan Luxury Aparthotel.


It is prohibited to enter the avenue by mechanical and electric means whether cars, motorcycles, bicycles including electric or other mechanical means. Entry by mechanical means is allowed for the sole purpose of unloading luggage or dropping off passengers, so as not to affect the transit of other users of the entrance driveway. In any case, it is forbidden to stand, even for a few minutes, in the driveway. Violation will result in trespassing on private property with the following legal consequences.


The guest in case of problems is required to notify the management, first verbally and in case of persistence, forward mail to the address on the website. The complaint will be handled to the best of management’s ability and, consistent with the time frame for resolution of the complaint. Only after submitting formal written complaint, the guest will have the right to publish any negative reviews on the web, failing which the Management, will act directly for actions to protect the image and decorum without any notice, in case of violation of the conduct of the guest who omitting any prior warnings will act in violation of these regulatory rules, with claims for damages suffered and patiendi. Where management personnel fail to make themselves available to resolve critical issues exposed, the customer is required to indicate this in the complaint, giving the date and time in order to verify any responsibility of the personnel.


The facility is equipped with video surveillance to protect the safety of both the guest and the property, there are facial recognition cameras and people counters, so any unauthorized access, will be captured and punished both civilly and criminally.

The guest who enters the facility provides consent to video surveillance by mere entry, i.e., by conclusive facts, being that signs are posted outside the facility advising that the area is video monitored.


Guests are obliged to carry out the separate collection of garbage, special spaces being available in the rooms for this purpose, failing which the same must be done by the employees of the facility with a charge for the costs incurred, with a minimum charge of €50 for each day of non-compliance charged to the guest, without prior notice with direct charge to the credit card or deduction from the deposit. We have great respect for the environment and ask our guests to do the same.


Guest data will be processed in accordance with current regulations and all information will be available on the website.


These regulations are tacitly accepted by facts concluding either with the reservation or with access to the facility, both by guests and by all persons accessing the facility.

We wish you a happy stay. Mavilan